Escape Room Logo GIF
Animation Inspiration #5  - 7/14/22
Today's logo animation is for Memphis Escape Rooms
The idea was to make the logo itself act as a puzzle to solve so the text to escape before the time ran out.
Motion Graphic Principles Used: 1) Timing: countdown with puzzle pieces moving into place; 2) Anticipation: puzzle speed builds up to "unlock" the room; 3) Slow In & Out: logo & text move fast & slow down into place; 4) Exaggeration: gold glow reiterates that the puzzle was solved; 5) Follow Through: door opens completely.
St. Jude Logo GIF
Animation Inspiration #6  - 9/7/22
Today's logo animation is for St. Jude Children's Hospital
Founded in 1962, St. Jude is a pediatric treatment and research facility located in Memphis, Tennessee. Research and treatment focus on children's catastrophic diseases, particularly leukemia and other cancers with no charge to the patients for their care.
Baseball Team Logo GIF
Animation Inspiration #3  - 7/12/22
Continuing on with the "Animation Inspiration" series of animated logos, this animation was inspired by my nephew making it onto the Collierville Dragons Baseball team. I'm a proud uncle and thought it would be fun to see the logo in action, especially with the idea of a dragon and his tail.
FedEx Logo GIF
Animation Inspiration #4  - 7/12/22
As the 4th installment of a logo animation series, the idea was to add motion and movent to logos in a way that further informs the company's industry, service, and story.
Certain motion graphic principles are demonstrated 1) Arc: airplane travel path showing flight through the air; 2) Slow In & Out: airplane/arrow slows into place; 3) Anticipation: text moves backward before speeding off; 4) Squash & Stretch: text stretch to show speed & momentum.

Theatre Logo GIF
Animation Inspiration #1  - 6/12/22
This GIF was created as the first of a series of animated logo case studies exploring different trends and techniques in motion graphics. Blank Graphix values continuous learning to elevate skills and knowledge in the ever-evolving design industries.
Born in 1890. Reborn in 1928. Refurbished in 1977, 1984, and 2015, the Orpheum has been a world-class cultural beacon of entertainment in Memphis, TN from vaudeville to Broadway. The Orpheum Theatre-Memphis is a beautiful theater where Broadway meets Beale!
Gym Logo GIF
Animation Inspiration #2  - 7/11/22
In line with the Blank Graphix value of Growth through continuous learning, this GIF was created as a case study for the current Morphing Trend seen in today's advertising and media content industries. 
The gym's static logo design presents the problem of limited information. Instead, this motion graphic provides the solution to help inform audiences in a friendly and playful way about the different types of fitness services and amenities that the Esporta Gyms offer. Because of this motion graphic, this valuable information helps to entice and motivate viewers to seek out a gym membership.
Friday the 13th GIF
Social Media Motion Graphic - 5/13/22
Motion Graphic Social Media Post; May 13, 2022
This motion graphic animation was created inspired by today (May 13th, 2022) as Friday the 13th. 
This quick graphic was created in one night. It was drawn and created with Procreate, animated in After Effects, and was further edited with added audio in Premiere Pro. Published via TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook
Vid Flix App
Logo Motion Graphic - April 2021
Vid Flix is a social media video app similar to TikTok that is geared towards kids and pre-teens to create, share, and enjoy content in a safe and family-friendly environment. The name Vid Flix is an abbreviation of video flicks to appeal to younger generations who use slang and abbreviated language.  View Project Presentation Here​​​​​

Animated Logo for social media and online marketing.

Animated design for social media and online marketing to spark interest and generate traffic.

 Theatre Education animated logo for online marketing.

Playhouse on the Square Education Department

Animated stinger transition between scenes during live streams on YouTube, Twitch, and other streaming platforms.

Youth Theatre Summer Camp Animated Logo for online marketing.

Playhouse on the Square Education Department

Animated stinger for scene transitions during live streams on YouTube, Twitch, and other streaming platforms.

Playhouse on the Square Education Department

Animated stinger for scene transitions during live streams online.

Playhouse on the Square Theatre

Animated logo for Ever After Character Events entertainment & event company.

Animated logo for Josh B*gosh a storyteller & performance coach.

Animated book trailer for Jerry Blank.

Animated book promo for Jerry Blank.

Animated children's book trailer for Princess Prilla.

Animated character promo for the children's book, Princess Prilla.

Animated Greek mythology trailer for Josh B*gosh a professional storyteller.

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