Hello. I'm Jason L Blank, owner and value designer/ creator of Blank Graphix. 
Thank you for stopping by!

I'm a longtime creative value designer with over fifteen years of experience as both a hobbyist and a professional in digital and multimedia design. I am competent in the Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Premiere Pro, Adobe XD, InDesign), marketing design, logos, promotional branding, motion graphics, and video editing. I have experience in a wide range of creative arts including theatre, music, dance, and film that influence a unique designer perspective in creating visual communications by telling engaging stories through brand identity and marketing to connect with audiences.
I am a lifelong artist who has and continues to experiment with many different disciplines of art and design. 

Since childhood, I have learned skills such as sketching, drawing, painting, and digital design programs. I have over 15 years of freelancing as a hobby and I'm ready for hire to go full time or with a team. I pride myself on detailed work, integrity, welcoming collaboration, and professionalism.
I was a graphic design major but ended up earning a BFA in theatre performance with a minor in video production where I learned and fostered collaboration in a safe and creative environment. I also learned new skills in storytelling, makeup, set, costume, and marketing design. Thanks to my experience in the collaborative arts, my theatrical training influences the ability to tell a story with every design project and work well with clients and co-creators. What is your story?

I am always seeking to learn and improve my skill set through online courses via Skillshare and Udemy to stay updated but also learn new skills along the way. I have been and will always be that curious kid that asks "why?" I believe knowledge is priceless and it can only help me to be a more well-rounded designer to help with clients' different levels of design needs. 
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