The following are apps designed for use in Trust a feature film. The production team needed to record a character scrolling through a real estate app on camera as seen in this video presentation below. The film also called for a character swiping left or right on a dating app.  
This was an introduction to Adobe XD and the idea of putting UX design into practice. I plan to further explore more with UX Design.

Real estate app for Trust a feature film

“Working with Blank Graphix was a great experience.  I work as a Production Designer for film and television and Blank Graphix will be my first option for graphic design moving forward. They were able to work in a variety of mediums and styles and complete high-quality deliverables in a tight timeframe. I’m looking forward to using their services again.”
- Tom W.
Production Designer for Trust a feature film

Dating app for Trust a feature film

Dating app for Trust a feature film version 2

The following are websites designed for two different authors. The client on the left wanted a website that could sell his book but also be a place to get bookings for stand-up comedy gigs. The client on the right wants a design that was fun, cute, inviting, and family-friendly to reflect her children's book.
Web Design for a Comedian/ Author.

Web Design for a Children's Author.

Princess Prilla and Her Pretty Pink Pump

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